Commercial & Residential

Our teams have extensive experience in commercial and residential refurbishment projects. At the outset of the project we will manage any strip-out and structural alterations that need to be made with the support of a temporary works engineer to provide the necessary engineering input. Following this M&E services, Data, telecoms, fire and security systems are managed and undertaken by us utilising known, trusted specialists. In respect of office and conference facilities, we extend our involvement to include the main reception and lobby areas, including marble, slate or granite wall and floor finishes, and fibrous plaster ceilings.

We are aware of the importance of minimising the impact of our work and our specialist teams are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver projects successfully and on time. We take into account specific client requirements such as: Phased completions, Confined sites, Specialised finishing skills, High M&E Services content and Occupied building

In order to minimise friction with neighbours we talk to and liaise with other occupants likely to be affected by the proposed work and explain to them clearly when and how they may be affected. By adopting a customer focused approach we understand our customer’s needs and tailor our service to suit their requirement. We collaborate with all the members of the delivery team, from Design Partners to Suppliers, ensuring that we achieve the project goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner.