ME Construction has achieved ISO 14001 accreditation. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) details 4 of the key areas that we manage:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Procurement
  • Waste Management
  • Internal Company Procedures

Energy Efficiency
We have instigated a series of energy saving measures in our offices – using light sensors, better heating and cooling systems, a lights off policy and ensuring that our equipment is turned off out of hours.

We work with the design team to encourage the use of energy efficient technologies e.g.

  • Daylight sensors for lighting
  • Movement sensors and timers for lighting in areas where daylight is received
  • Occupant controlled heating and lighting
  • Energy rating policy for all office equipment
  • Low energy dishwashers to promote crockery use and reduce the use of disposable cups.

ME Construction utilises on-site energy saving practices and where applicable recommend energy saving measures for the buildings we work in.

During the Works
We ensure all lighting and equipment is turned off at the end of each day. We are able to provide sub-meters during the works to monitor energy use. This can be used by the Client and ME Construction to benchmark energy reduction for future projects. It also provides the Client with data on the carbon emissions from the works.

ME Construction’s policy is to reduce, re-use, recycle and buy recycled. To do this we work with our supply chain in a number of ways:

  • Procurement of timber from certified sustainable sources (in consultation with the Client)
  • Purchase recycled materials
  • Installation of other sustainable materials (in consultation with the Client) e.g. recycled carpet tiles / ceiling tiles
  • Inclusion of environmental considerations in tender interviews to probe for further sustainable procurement options
  • Questionnaire to encourage suppliers to innovate and generate ideas for more sustainable materials that can be used.

Waste Management
ME Construction is experienced in and committed to managing waste during building works in a manner that ensures legal compliance and follows the principals of the Waste Management Hierarchy.

Waste Management Targets – to minimise the impacts of waste generated during this project ME Construction will set the following targets:

  • Recycle a minimum of 50% of the total waste generated across all sites in London
  • Ensure that all waste including hazardous waste is managed in accordance with legislative requirements

Waste Management System – these targets will be achieved through the implementation of a comprehensive Waste Management Plan. The plan will set out waste and recycling targets, a waste segregation system, confirm waste collection methods and outline roles and responsibilities for waste management.

Roles and Responsibilities

While it is the responsibility of all site labour to manage waste, ME Construction will assign key responsibilities to staff to ensure that the waste management system operates effectively and efficiently. The responsibilities will involve regular monitoring of the segregation system, providing feedback to site labour on their performance, supervising waste collections and ensuring that the correct documentation is provided by the waste contractor and maintained on site.